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Dear Overwhelmed E.D.

This summer I’m working with a lot of overwhelmed, gifted and deeply committed social justice executive directors. I love them. They walk bravely through fire every day. This morning I wrote a note to all the passionate and hard-working social justice “EDs” out there. 

Dear Overwhelmed, Gifted and Committed, 

Your job is incredibly demanding and your leadership incredibly important. You jumped in to lead an organization only to discover there’s not enough money, staff, or hours in the day. You’ve learned that in order to be successful you need to be an organizational leader internally and a public leader externally. 

Your nonprofit is fantastic and fantastically important. But of all the things previous staff might have left you, a stump speech, message platform, success stories, or a case for support were not among them. 

I so admire the commitment you’ve made to your organization and to justice. Your job is hard, please make it a little easier on yourself. A little coaching and communications support can make a huge difference and save you hundreds of hours of worry and prep. Get some help preparing to make your case at any moment, any time, for any audience. 

With infinite respect,