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Failing vs. Fantastic: How do you rehearse?

I was about eight minutes into  an initial call with a nonprofit leader about a short presentation she had to give. This is a woman who routinely testifies before Electeds, needs to rouse people at rallies, and energize her staff and board.

I asked her, “How do you normally rehearse?” and she replied that our little 8-minute conversation was more preparation than she’d ever given to a talk.

This incredible nonprofit leader isn’t the exception. She's the rule. 

I remembered my conversation with her when I discovered this way-cute Fast Company video for jobseekers. The video is intended as a giant “BEWARE” sign to young jobseekers, but it's also a fabulous object lesson about the value of preparation for any presentation.

The difference between failing and fantastic is often one hour of time, sometimes even less, devoted to a little research, a little consideration of the audience, and a little rehearsal. So simple!