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No time to tweet? Twitter in 5 minutes a day

For years I've worked with incredibly busy people who had no time for social media given their jampacked schedule. It didn’t matter that they knew it could help their organization establish leadership in specific areas, or stay top of mind with press, or even offer a more authentic playful lens on the organization and its issue(s). They were just too busy. 

I’ve just completed some research that offers senior nonprofit executives and public sector leaders a 5-minutes-a-day on-ramp for Twitter. I reviewed dozens of public sector, nonprofit and community leaders’ Twitter accounts looking for breakout role models and the type of content they were developing.

Here’s what I found.  Three super-simple content strategies:

  1. Facts & Quotes: Lift a fact or a provocative line from a news article, use ellipses to make it fit, and include a link. Presto!
  2. Photos: Selfies and group selfies are great. So are photos of signs or posters seen during the day. If you’re feeling ambitious get an app like OVER that allows you to add text.
  3. Retweets: It’s good netiquette and it gives you a chance to become an expressive hashtag artist.. 

Eric Garcetti twitter stream

I also looked for who’s doing Twitter right. Here’s my Top Three – turns out they’re all electeds -- starting right here in LA with Mayor @EricGarcetti. His stream is personal. Visual. Relational and interactive. The Mayor routinely offers shout-outs to people and businesses, and solicits ideas from his followers.) Authentic. Like the other folks in my Top Three List, he’s using hashtags in a way that’s artful and fun.

Eric Garcetti group selfie

Eric retweets, but does not crosspost (or at least not often) between the official mayor’s Twitter stream and his own keeping his stream clear of the usual government blather and making it appear that he is doing his own tweeting.

Also worth checking out are @CoryBooker, Mayor of Newark and @MMViverito (Melissa Morales Viverito) Speaker of the NY City Council. Melissa is a promiscuous retweeter and a hashtag artist to die for.  #GetWithIt, #paradise, #QueMal, #Nah! Even The New York Times took notice recently

Do you know other public sector Tweeters worth keeping an eye on? Let me hear from you!